I got a WHAT?

I’m pretty much going to have to confess that I am literally the WORST at updating this thing. I’m sorry… mostly. But I do have a big update that I need to announce, so here I am!

Let me start at the beginning by saying that two weekends ago (February 24), I took a personal day from work, booked a sub to watch over my nutty APUSH classes, and attended the Alabama Writing Workshop in Birmingham. This was my first writers’ conference, and while I already knew a bit of what was discussed due to my previous writing/querying/publishing experience, I did learn a lot of new information. Even better, I had the opportunity to meet several literary agents and even had the opportunity to pitch one of them with some of my picture book manuscripts.

I’d always heard that pitching in person is a great way to set yourself apart from the querying masses, assuming you aren’t a total spaz… although I imagine that would also set you apart, but not in a good way. So, I researched the agents who were going to be in attendance and was very excited to see that Marisa Corvisiero, agent and founder of the Corvisiero Agency, would be there and that she was looking for picture books. I had pitched THE ELECT another agent at her agency several years ago and got some good feedback but was eventually turned down due to a glut in the market of dystopian fiction. Regardless, I was still interested in her agency and had heard that she’s an amazing agent, so my interest and excitement were piqued.

When I finally had the chance to sit down and speak with Marisa, everything clicked. With a smile on her face, she read my first pb manuscript – a STEM-based nonfiction book – and then offered me representation on the spot. It actually took a few minutes for it to set in, because this never happens. At most, I was expecting to be invited to submit her more work through the traditional query process. She told me I could think about it, but I knew my mind was already made up. Within a week, she agreed to represent all three stories I pitched her, emailed me a contract, and I signed. It’s sort of a dream come true and still doesn’t actually feel real. This opens up so many more doors for publication than if I were to submit my manuscripts myself to publishers, especially since large publishing houses do not accept un-agented manuscripts.

So anyways, after literally YEARS of submitting and querying and trying to find an agent, I am beyond excited to say that I am officially represented by Marisa Corvisiero!



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