APUSH Consolidated Resources

While writing is a hobby of mine (which one day might evolve into a full-time occupation), my primary source of income by far is through teaching. I have taught American and World History at the high school level for several years now after receiving a BA in History in 2008 and my M.Ed. in 2009. Until this year, I’ve only ever taught regular or honors classes. Now that I’m teaching AP US History, however, I realize the need to have a consolidated list of resources for students and teachers.

The content knowledge and historical thinking skills necessary for successful completion of the class and for achieving a passing score on the AP Exam in May is so broad and rigorous that students HAVE to commit to dedicating time outside of class through self-led studies or teacher-assigned homework. As such, I’ve compiled a list of resources that students and teachers should find helpful throughout the course of the school year. So whether you teach it, are learning it, or are just curious, here’s the list:

Non-Textbook Reading Materials:

  1. United States History, Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination (AMSCO) – ask any APUSH teacher around, and they’ll agree that this is the best resource for content knowledge. It consolidates information into reasonable units and also includes review questions with the same formatting used on the actual APUSH exam. It’s worth noting that earlier editions contained biased language, but my experience with the 2016 edition has been very good.
  2. 5 Steps to a 5: AP US History – I’ve used this on occasion in my class, and several of my students have purchased it. It contains an even more abbreviated content review along with corresponding questions.
  3. Strive for a 5: Preparing for the AP United States History Exam – this book works especially well if your class uses the Henretta APUSH textbook (America’s History). We have a class set, and I often distribute them to students for MCQ and SAQ practice.


Video Resources:

  1. Crash Course US History (content)
  2. JocZ Productions (content and writing skills)
  3. Adam Norris Videos (content)
  4. Bio Channel’s Mini Biographies (content)
  5. PBS Presidents: 60-Second Presidents (content)
  6. History Channel’s America: The Story of US (content)
  7. Hip Hughes History (content and writing skills)
  8. Tom Richey (content and writing skills)
  9. Khan Academy (content and writing skills)

General Website Resources:

  1. Gilder Lehrman (also includes videos)
  2. APUSH Review
  3. AP Study Notes
  4. Tom Richey
  5. APUSH Explained
  6. Albert.io – VERY useful for practicing MCQ’s if your district can purchase accounts for your students
  7. College Board – general information on the course and exam expectations
  8. Facebook APUSH Teachers Group – if you teach, apply to JOIN THIS GROUP!


Are you a student or teacher and have additional resources to share? Let me know, and I’ll add them in!

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