THE ELECT was published on July 14, 2016 through Clean Reads Press.

For the past twelve years, seventeen-year-old August has been a weapon, a mindless child soldier programmed and used by the Foundation to protect its reign. But when he and three other soldiers, including the beautiful and fierce Elisa, somehow awaken one day, they escape their bondage and find themselves unwittingly caught up in a growing rebellion to take down the tyrannical Foundation.

Forced to rediscover who he is, what it means to love, and where he fits in the uprising (all while trying to stay alive), August has his blood-stained hands full. Will he risk his life and any hope of a future with Elisa in order to join the fight, or will he flee the country while he still has a chance?

In the end, his choice has little consequence, because the Foundation knows everything and will stop at nothing to end the threat he poses.

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