More Updates

Hey, y’all. I hope everyone had a great summer. We’re back in the full swing of school here, but I wanted to provide some new updates on my writing.


First off, I’m pleased to announce that THE ELECT is going to be an AUDIO BOOK! I don’t have a release date for this quite yet, but I’ve listened to it, and it sounds great. I’m so excited for this next step! I will, of course, let everyone know when this hits audible/amazon.


This July, I finally finished writing the sequel to THE ELECT. It is currently with my editor/publisher, and I am patiently (ha, just kidding) waiting to hear back from her about it. The title is RESTORATION, and I am relieved, astounded, and over the moon about having this manuscript finished. It’s been 4 years in the making, and readers are in for a wild ride with the conclusion to the duology. If/when I get a pub date, I will scream it from the mountaintops.


*cringe* Sometimes… things just don’t work out. After nearly 18 months with my agent, I made the painful choice to move on, so I’m back querying. Professionally, that’s all I’ll say about that on a public forum. If I happen to sign with a new agent, again, I’ll scream it from the mountaintops.


At the beginning of the summer, I finished writing a middle grade science fiction novel that I think readers will love. Beta reader feedback has been great on it. So, for the most part, this is what I’m currently submitting to agents who specialize in children’s books. I have high hopes of finding appropriate representation for it and can’t wait to see this book move towards publication.


Ah, yes. Picture books. I’ve written a few more and have edited some older ones. At this point, I have around 8 that I think are ready for submission to agents. The thing is… picture book writing is a particularly tough scene to break into, especially since many agents are looking for author/illustrators who can provide artwork for their own stories. If you know me or have ever seen me draw something, you’ll know that this is a laughable concept. I can’t draw. Regardless, my goal is to find an agent who has interest in and can represent both MG and PBs for me.


I’ve considered it, but as of right now, I feel led towards the traditional publication route. I’m not ruling self-publishing out, and I’m certainly don’t look down my nose at those who do self-publish. But I don’t think it’s right for me at this time. In the future? Who knows.


Anyways, hopefully this helps answer any questions you have about what’s going on with my writing career. It’s been a crazy couple of months as I’ve transitioned back into querying mode and school has started back up again, but I believe something great will come around soon. When it does, you know I’ll share it here.


Me, in the porch chair where I spent many, many hours writing this summer.



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