Picture books!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here. (I feel like I say that at the beginning of every single blog post. Perhaps I should update more?) To be fair, we have been living and teaching during a pandemic, which is enough mental stress for about 5 years all crammed into a few months. But, I have several bits of exciting news to share despite the fact that I haven’t seen half of my students’ faces at all the entire school year. (Blended virtual and traditional teaching is SO HARD!)

Anyways, good news number one is that husband and I just received our first round of the vaccine over the weekend, so we are one step closer to not feeling absolutely terrified about being around our family and friends (and students). Hooray for that and THANK YOU to the medical professionals and scientists who have been leading the charge against this virus over the past year.

But that’s not the only good news. I have even bigger, more exciting news. Well, at least as far as the book world is concerned.

First, my new agent has been amazing so far. Her edit suggestions are timely and top-notch. She keeps me in the loop with emails and information about her schedule and my stories. She’s kind of the opposite of my first agent. Live and learn. ANYWAYS…

(drum roll please)

She’s negotiated two picture book contracts for me over the past six months. YESSSS!



We don’t have an illustrator lined up quite yet because both picture books won’t be released for another year (or two), but I am so, so, so thrilled at this forward progress. It feels surreal that someone wants to publish two of the books that I’ve worked so hard on, and I am so grateful to Christopher and Brooke at Familius Press for taking a chance on me and for believing in these books.

AAAAAH! Cue happy flailing of arms! (But not too much, you know, because of my sore arm from the vaccine.)

Beyond those sales, I have so many other picture books that I’m proud of and that I truly, deeply feel have a place in the kidlit world. And I’ve also just wrapped up another round of edits on my middle grade novel, which I’ll be sending back to my agent soon. My goal is to keep up the momentum, stay positive, and most of all, stay thankful for the privilege of writing.

That’s all I have, today, honestly: a giant chunk of fun stuff to drop on your lap. But expect further updates about this path to publication and future sales over the coming months! I’ll share as soon as I can.

Stay safe, and keep reading!

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